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Do Dive

About Do Dive
e-Nyelam provides this feature to make all of the fellow divers do their underwater experience immediately. Do Dive lets you go for some dives anytime and anywhere. Got a rough day at the office and thinking about underwater sight-seeing tomorrow? Then DO DIVE is the best option for you!

What to Expect from Do Dive
e-Nyelam has built a network with lots of dive centres all over Indonesia to make sure that all of you, fellow divers, could get there just in a minute and dive as you wish. We absolutely offer an easy booking for your diving experience and a lot of option where you can explore the underwater beauty. Simply open your app on your mobile phone and tap ‘Do Dive’. Choose the date, the diving spot, and how many people will you go with. We will make every experience since the dive-booking time be valuable for you. Yes, you can just click and go, but hold on! How about going calm a little bit? We recommend you to book your dive time for at least one day before to make sure that everything is on set!

Do Dive Preparation
Well, if you are a newbie, we are afraid that you can only do snorkelling. You know that you will need a license to dive right into the heart of the sea, baby <3. But, no worries, you can have your license with us with DO COURSE. So, if you already got your license in your pocket, just grab your smartphone, open e-Nyelam app, do the booking and bring your diving equipment to the dive centre we have chosen for you in the app on the time you have been planned. Once you arrived, show them your booking details on the app and please, enjoy your dive :)