Wakatobi Diving Expedition

Putra Tomia
Ali Reef,Mari Mabuk,Roma,Teluk Waiti'i,Barracuda,Fan Garden,Brians's Chook,Coral Hill,
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Rp 4.800.000,00,

Total Dives : 8
Dives Spot Option : -
Trip Duration : 4
Available Slot : 8

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Coral Garden, not a very imaginative name for what is a very interesting dive site.The main islands of Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomea, Binongki - WaKaToBi - dish up large portions of all the world's reef types - fringing, atoll and barrier - and are served with lashings of healthy corals and dense schools of fish. Jacques Cousteau was sufficiently moved to claim this area the finest dive site in the world and the area is now regularly visited by several Indonesian liveaboards.Coral Garden is one of the top Wakatobi diving sites, offering a dazzling array of mixed coral forms and formations at all depths. It's not just coral though as there are all manner of marine visitors to the garden. After the adrenalin of getting down through the current, suddenly once in the bowl, all is calm.

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