3 Best Dive Spot for Scuba Dive in Komodo, Indonesia

Why Scuba Diving in Komodo?

Since 1991 the Komodo Country wide Park is regarded as a World History Site by UNESCO. It really is situated in the spot of the Lesser Sunda Islands (Nusa Tenggara). The Playground includes the three bigger islands Komodo, Rinca and Padar, and numerous smaller islands, with a complete section of 1817 square kilometres. Originally the area was founded as a sanctuary for the Komodo dragons. Later the cover was extended to add the whole nature, above and below the ocean.

The dive sites here offer an unbelievable variety of dives, making this sail so special. 1 day you might have a leisurely dive, marveling at the rarest animals in the macro range, and the very next day, drift with manta rays and large classes of fish. You’ll find over 1,000 types of seafood in these waters, 260 kinds of reef corals, 70 different sponges, 17 varieties of whales and dolphins and two kinds of sea turtles.


When planning the trip, many factors play an important role. The main factor is the elements. Since there may be storms in the tropics anytime, Pindito might change routes and itineraries at brief notice.

The tour may begin or result in Bali or Maumere and mind through the center of the Komodo Country wide Park. More often than not is put in around the hawaiian islands of Banta, Komodo and Rinca. Additionally you go to the smaller islands of Gili Lawa Laut and Tatawa Besar. The dispatch also may visit the island of Moyo and Saneang.

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What will you found in Komodo

Why is Komodo National Playground among the finest places on the planet to dive would be that the waters here are a variety of different systems of drinking water: the Indian Sea and the Flores Sea. Which means that there’s a huge variety of sea life and corals that can live and prosper in this field.

The TOP one

whale sharks, manta rays, devil rays, hammerheads, dugongs, white and dark-colored idea sharks, turtles, and dolphins.

The OK one

Pygmy seahorse, hairy frogfish, nudibranchs, ghost tube fish, blue engagement ring octopus, flamboyant cuttlefish. You can even be prepared to see a great deal of schooling seafood, sweetlips, batfish, cause fish, angel seafood, clown seafood, scorpion seafood, lion seafood etc. Addititionally there is tonnes of wonderfully colored hard and smooth corals. Whether you like drift dives, macro dives, or maybe checking out coral reefs, Komodo Country wide Recreation area has dive sites for everybody.

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What to expect for diving in Komodo

The undersea currents flow of the Komodo National Park are known to be quite strong, divers are often required to have an advanced diving certificate to enjoy certain amazing diving points. But don’t worry, for novice divers you’ll be safe just do what your instructor said. This national park has plenty of beautifull coral reefs that can be enjoyed. One of the most famous places that all tourists can enjoy is Pink Beach. Beach sand that looks pink is a favorite place for diving, snorkeling, or just relaxing on the beach. But remember, this place is still the habitat of Dragon Komodo so stay alert.

To do scuba diving, divers can choose several Dive Operators around the pier. Most are managed by foreign operators. There are also a several Dive Center owned by citizens such as CN Dive and Ora Dive. CN Dive, established a seasoned ranger, Mr. Condo Subagyo in 1987, operates several Phinisi ships. The Phinisi boat owned by CN Dive is equipped with a dinghy boat, or a small boat to shuttle to the dive spot. Dinghy boat is very important in diving in the Komodo National Park area, because it is able to pick up divers in areas that are difficult to reach.

Other activities

Do not miss the beauty of hundreds of bats flying at sunset on Kalong Island and try to spend the night on a boat over the sea near Komodo Island. Because the distance is quite far from Labuan Bajo, liveaboard is the best way to enjoy this National Park. You can rent a wooden boat with a variety of size options to explore this national park. Liveaboard above Phinisi is my favorite. This traditional Indonesian ship is quite large so it is very comfortable. Often equipped with air conditioning and hot shower facilities. Quite luxurious.

Tourists can come to Komodo National Park using Sriwijaya, Air Asia, Kalstar, or Lion Air airlines to Labuan Bajo. From Labuan Bajo airport, you can rent a car or take an angkot to the dock area. In Labuan Bajo there are various places to stay, from backpacker style like Hotel Gardena, to 4 Star Resort like The Jayakarta Suites. Tourists can also choose to stay at Kanawa Island, an island located not far in front of Labuan Bajo.

Besides Komodo National Park, there are other interesting locations around Labuan Bajo, including Batu Cermin and Cunca Wulang Waterfall. For those who have more time, can try to do a roadtrip along the island of Flores. Many interesting tourist locations to visit such as Riung with 17 islands, Bena Village with its ikat weaving, the village above the Wae Rebo cloud, Kelimutu three-color lake, and various other destinations.

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