6 Best Dive Spot for Scuba Dive in Bali, Indonesia

Why Scuba Diving in Bali?

Check all the best dive spot in Bali. These best diving spots in Bali are the place you can find the island’s submerged excellence. Bali itself has developed into the major league of diving game. Each of Bali diving spots have something unique to offer, while suitable for any kind of diving level. Generally, best time to go diving in Bali is around the drier months. Which are in April and November.

Unmistakable features incorporate wrecks with a touch of history to tell. Far reaching counterfeit ‘biorock’ reefs offer an exceptional submerged photograph operation. They highlight depressed patio nurseries, statues and sanctuaries congested with ocean fans and abounding with tropical fish. The best plunge locales in Bali likewise let you witness uncommon species. Substantial manta beams, slippery maritime sunfish or ‘mola-mola’, reef sharks, ocean turtles and little dwarf seahorses are among them.

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When to Dive Bali

What makes Bali extraordinary is you can dive all years around. Blustery season keeps going from December to March. From April to November, you’ll have the most obvious opportunity for pelagics.

Rainy Season

Dec to March theoretically considered rain season. Rainwater is merely marginally more probable of these weeks than entire year around. The water temps during rainy season become a lttle bit warmer, indicating there are fewer pelagic varieties near to the island. Visibility can be negatively influenced.

Having said that, conditions remain great for scuba during rainy season. Furthermore, there are fewer divers surrounding the island from Dec to March so this means you will discover the best price at the moment.

Dry Season

All of those other year, from Apr to November, is known for dry season. Take into account that it still rain occasionally for these months.

Dry season means a rise in pelagic types and visibility. Specifically, June to Sept are the best wonderful months for spotting Mola Mola and variant kind of sharks. Mantas have a tendency to visit somewhat earlier. Apr to June will be the best a few months for those elegant creatures.

Finally, Apr to July and Oct to November are exquisite for Tulamben and wreck diving. Awareness during these calendar months often tops 130 toes (40 meters)!

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